Friday, November 4, 2011

"Light's, Camera, ACTION!"

Prep School Pt. 2=
     As I mentioned in my last post we are preparing our Master's Commission students for ministry and we want them to be equipped with as many tools as possible so part 1 was swimming. We also give a communications class. This class is very important these days. They learn how to film and edit videos, we all know that in ministry it is all about technology, so now they now how to work cameras, edit film, and splice and all that other cool stuff.

Jubilee(USA), Yulissa(Honduras), and Darwin(Nicaragua)
This is a group working on their film project. They have to make a video about Master's Commission. They interviewed people and took shots of the ministry. Now they are putting it all together.

This is a group working on the Pelibuey film. Master's Commission raise and shepherd peilibeuy which is a cross between a sheep and a goat. We eat them...taste like chicken!!! Cesia(El Salvador), Adonay(El Salvador), Landon(USA), and Perla(NIcaragua)

WORD OF THE DAY: Comunicacion
LITERAL MEANING: Communication
HOW I SEE IT: How we reach the world

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun.....

I like Master's Commission.....a lot.
I mean it is kind of obvious...I have been in the program / working for the program for 6 years. Wow.
Someone is getting old...(cough/cough)
Here in El Salvador we try really hard to equip our students with necessary tools that they could possibly use in future ministry and life in general. One of those very important tolls is the ability to swim! It is very important. Yesterday was our last day of class and we had ourselves a little fiesta! I have the privilege of teaching that class.
My goals:
#1. Have fun.

#2. Learn to Swim
#3. Have Fun

#4. Learn to Save Lives
#5. Have Fun
O yea!

Yesterday we celebrated with a little photo shoot, pool baseball, and chips and coke! I love my class. Almost 99% of the students will graduate knowing how to swim and do CPR. It was a great year. Enjoy the pics!

WORD OF THE DAY: Comision del Maestro
LITERAL MEANING: Master's Commission
HOW I SEE IT: Prep School for Life

Friday, October 7, 2011

Under the Lights

It's hot under there!

Jokes aside.....

Our Master's Commission Band got to lead worship for a Holy Spirit Conference that the Assemblies of God help here in El Salvador. What a huge opportunity.

For weeks...hours.....many, many long nights we worked hard drawing blood from our fingertips working on music. But not just any worship music...o see this was a national conference where people from all over the country come.....from the city, to the mountains. We learned some OLD SCHOOL hymns. It was fun.

Last Harvest Master's Commission Band
(On the keys: 1st Year: Wilberto from Honduras
The Singers:2nd Year Neil and 1st Year Leader: Lucy
On the Bass: 2nd Year Obed
Electric Guitar: 2nd Year Supervisor: Bryan
Acoustic Guitars: 1st Year Leaders: Katie and Hamilton)

Hundreds and hundreds of hungry people from all over El Salvador filled our AG Campground to receive the holy spirit.

This is Wayne Goodall the author of the book "The Blessing."

This is the AG's former superintendent, Thomas Trask.
It was such an honor to be able to be with them this weekend and sit under their teaching of the book. Brother Thomas helped write it as well. 

This is Pastor Jeremias, El Salvador's National Superintendent.
I walked among the giants this weekend. 
Living the Dream.

HOW I SEE IT: my mind......can't think straight today.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Colombia Para Cristo!!!!

As you already know we (Master's Commission) went to Colombia for a 16 day missions trip. It was my first time to lead a brigade by myself. I learned a lot and was stretched a ton. I LOVED it. Here are some pictures of our trip:

Everyone loaded up on the bus excited to have finally arrived, after many long weeks..and months of raising money for this trip. The students go out and preach on the weekends to raise money. The average offering is around $12. Imagine how long it took to raise $1,100. God is faithful. 35 of us went.
This was my brigade at one of our programs that overlooked Bogota! 

Explaining salvation to a mom and her daughter.

We stayed in another city,  Chia, for a few days to train a church to have a Castle team. Here we are training some of our songs.

This is what it's all about. 

This lady is amazing. She preached at a "Single Girls" event that we had at one of the churches and she brought the word. WOW. I will never forget the words she spoke to me.  I am waiting for them to come to pass.

O man o man.....did this make me miss Memphis or what? The Pastor treated us to a meal of all kinds of meat. It was scrumptious. This is how they cooked it.

Leading a program at one of the schools.

Doing a human video at a church.

I learned several things on this of them........BALLOON ANIMALS!

I had the opportunity to speak at several churches. 

We were also given the privilege to lead worship.

This is Ariel, his wife Leidy, and their precious daughter Valentina. They are the National Directors of King's Castle in Colombia,

Last Harvest Master's Commission
Colombia 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Going to the Chapel and We're Gunna get Married!"

Not me.
Not yet.
Only God knows when that will happen.
Soon I hope.
Anyways.....I was in my very first wedding. Never expected it to be in El Salvador. My friend Crisi got married to another friend of mine named William. (aka Chele....because he is light skinned.) I was asked to be the Maid of Finances. Weddings here are slightly different. Each brides maid has an object that they present to the couple that is tying the knot......for example....a Bible.....a photo album.......a laso that represents unity.....communion.....and me.....well not me...but my coins that each represent something. I was so nervous but it all worked out well and they are happily married serving as assistant Children's Pastors in our church.

Praying over the Couple.

The Bride and I

Chele and me!

HOW I SEE IT: my next big event

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where'd that Come From?

I've always loved sports. I think my dad wanted me to be a boy so he raised me on sports......and I'm cool with that. Girls dominate. I remember like it was yesterday playing on my first "co-ed" team. Co-ed meaning my existence as a girl on the court made it "co-ed." I wore that Orange jersey proudly as I towered over those weak 5 year old boys. I was no good but my dad would teach me. I then picked up his old first base mit that he used growing up and fell in love with baseball. Grew up cheering on the Atlanta Braves. I was sure I would marry Chipper Jones. Played basketball and softball every year and even got involved throwing the shot-put and discus. Sports was my life. One sport that I never watched/played/know it existed is soccer. How boring. So not a sport I'm into. Well folks......Living in Latin America has changed me. Here it is like God...then soccer. EVERYONE knows how to play and they are all good. It is amazing. It brings families together, friends, even enemies will join around to watch the World Cup. Well......friends...I started playing soccer. We have tournaments with Master's and I am new to the blue team. We are 2-0! I scored my first goal last Sunday! Although I cannot really move my body right now I am enjoying the new sport. Here are some pics of my first game:

How I see it: My newest addiction

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sink or Swim

In July we got a new group of Master's Commission students here in El Salvador. You can enter in the program in January or July. The students were nervous yet eager to start this adventure that we call Last Harvest Master's Commission. We take them through a vigorous process called bootcamp where they will learned to be trained physically and to die to self daily. It is not for the weak. Those who heard the call of Jesus to enter this program will finish strong on top. It is a neat process to watch. These are the students who made it through....our July 2011 promotion.

One of the challenges that these brave warriors had to overcome was the SINK OR SWIM CHALLENGE. We blind folded them and took them all around the campground talking about faith. They had to do a few faith jumps/falls that were really no big deal at all, however with a blindfold you never know. We ended the session on our 20ft (ish) dock where they had to jump off! It was awesome. Some call it cruel and unusual punishment....but I call it awesome. We did take the blindfolds off right before and I had the privilege of being the life guard below to catch them. Here are some photos of our challenge.
Leading them to the dock!

Saving lives!


HOW I SEE IT: Surviving Sink or Swim

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"...but the greatest of these is LOVE." 1 Corinthians 13:13

I worked on a team from Canada last week. We did a lot of street ministry in some new areas of the country. We participated in a Miracle Crusade where God performed many miracles. Many lives of the team members were forever changed. My absolute favorite part of the week was when we went to visit SHALOM, a children's home. (

The team brought home-made cards from Canada and tons of toys and goodies. I think the thing the kids liked the most was a hug and a smile........and a few pushes on the swing! 

We did a full King's Castle Program full of games, skits,dances, songs, and the word, and an awesome time of prayer.

The lady that started it all. Rosa Anna Benner.

You know.....sometimes throughout life I have wondered....what happens to kids when they turn 18? Are they equipped to live life? Do they really make it? How are they socially? Do these "homes" really do good in terms of life skills? Well I can answer these questions about SHALOM. How? Well.....we have 4 students from SHALOM in Master's Commission. They are incredible students. They are super intelligent, outgoing, speak English, love the Lord, and are ready to serve Him. It has got to be encouraging to the directors. It is super encouraging to me. 

Who are you loving on today?
HOW I SEE IT: where my suitcase is.....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"A..B...C....easy as 1....2...3...."

........not so much!

Fridays are very fun/special days for me.


What is that?
A little town at the top of a mountain close to my home.

What do I do there?
Something that I never thought that I would be doing....teaching English in a legit school. WHAT?
Poor kids!
No I LOVE it! Like, the kids have gripped my heart. We have already created a bond. We started at the end of January. I started in October to get a feel of how it would be, but the schools are out for summer break Nov-Jan.

Im no professional but I am really trying to help these kids. They are incredible. We do a written review of the week before, then we learn 15 vocab words a week, grammar lesson, conversation roles, and we play a game at the end. I try to bring candy or cookies, or some kind of treat for the games. They love it. 

I love them. It works. 
If you guys have any tips or suggestions I am so open. The schedule I have now works, the tough part is that I only come once a week for an hour and a half. But it is something that I like to do to help out the community.

HOW I SEE IT: my unknown career!