Friday, November 4, 2011

"Light's, Camera, ACTION!"

Prep School Pt. 2=
     As I mentioned in my last post we are preparing our Master's Commission students for ministry and we want them to be equipped with as many tools as possible so part 1 was swimming. We also give a communications class. This class is very important these days. They learn how to film and edit videos, we all know that in ministry it is all about technology, so now they now how to work cameras, edit film, and splice and all that other cool stuff.

Jubilee(USA), Yulissa(Honduras), and Darwin(Nicaragua)
This is a group working on their film project. They have to make a video about Master's Commission. They interviewed people and took shots of the ministry. Now they are putting it all together.

This is a group working on the Pelibuey film. Master's Commission raise and shepherd peilibeuy which is a cross between a sheep and a goat. We eat them...taste like chicken!!! Cesia(El Salvador), Adonay(El Salvador), Landon(USA), and Perla(NIcaragua)

WORD OF THE DAY: Comunicacion
LITERAL MEANING: Communication
HOW I SEE IT: How we reach the world